Olivia Pope- Grab your fav square bag, your cutest wool coat, oh wait do not forget your cell phone!

OLIVIA POPE - Still have that formal dress from your friends wedding you thought you would never wear again, well you can whip it out for this fun costume idea. If you happen to have some cocktail gloves laying around that would top it off nicely.

Kate Middleton- For this look forge through Grandma's closet, and find her amazing collection of hats. Pair it with you best business cocktail dress and a pratical but stylish pump. Be a princess for the day!

2 Chainz - Grab your freshest black T-shirt a Fedora hat and last but not least 2 chains!

Draw on some Tat's to finish the look

Ellen - This one is easy, all you need is: sneakers, denim jeans (fitted), button down shirt, pullover sweater and blazer. If you happen to be able to get a short blonde wig that will do it

Stevie J & Joseline Hernadez

Joseline - Get your highest stripper heels and pair it with a tight revealing dress and your best wig (you know Joseline always has a good wig) Also do not forget to have you makeup flawlessly done.

Stevie - Grab your shades, and wear you coolest outfit, make sure your shirt is a size to small ;)

Color is key

Best thing of all to remember do your greatest RAT FACE ^_^

Fish from Gotham

This one is seriously easy!

Grab a two toned black and red wig, wear a metallic over the top spandex dress. Make sure you get a cat nail manicure, and there you have it your Fish!

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