So apparently, women do call other women regarding men. It doesn't just happen on television, which I believed for a long time. Im sitting at my desk on a Wednesday evening and my cell phone rings, its a woman's voice. "Hello! Is this Lisa?" Yes, I replied, who is this? "This is Jackie" she said "Why is your number in my man's phone?" Are you kidding me? Is that the standard phrase for calling another woman regarding your man? Why wouldn't she ask her man why my number was in his phone? The only question I had for her at the moment was Who is your man? She said "Chris"... My heart dropped. Not Mr. Perfect.

I spoke to Jackie on the phone for an hour. She knew all about the date Chris and I had that past weekend and our conversation via text. I was so disappointed in the situation, I didnt want to talk to Chris, but he contacted me about two hours after I spoke to Jackie. I told him everything we spoke about and wanted an explanation. He said everything about them still being together was a lie and he didn't know why she was doing this. He thought they could be friends and thats why he told her about me and about the date we had. He doesn't know how she got my number.

I don't know Jackie and I don't really know Chris. She could be a crazy ex-girlfriend that is trying to mess things up for him and he could be a guy that is trying to play a game he has no business playing. I don't know. So at this point there are other people out there and Chris and Jackie can take that drama some place else.


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