Woodland in Brooklyn

Brooklyn truly has it all, if you ask me. One of the things that it has is Woodland, which is one of the hottest spots to eat according to many including some of your favorite celebs.

Now I am not claiming it is where its at only due to its reputation and well known guest, the ambiance, service and food do that all on its on.

I love that "Woodland" has a diverse, fresh atmosphere and a menu that speaks to my heart.

Prior to me actually sitting down as a customer with friends or family; I have attended many industry events at this establishment never truly getting an idea of what the spot was really about.

BUT! When I finally came in as a regular guest and sat to eat, my expecations were more than met. The menu left me in aw, I did not know what to choose so many familiar dishes. I orginally ordered the Ackee & SaltFish but it was not available that day for me, so I went with their Chicken Sandwich which is marinated boneless thighs, buttermilk, crispy bacon, gouda cheese, coleslaw, avocado, jerk aioli, with hand-cut fries. It was the biggest chicken sandwich I ever seen and the most delicious I ever tasted.

Service was tentative and swift, the ambiance was so cool and laid back you feel more than welcomed to stay a while, even though there is tons of chatter it still has a relaxing silence during their day time service. As it gets later the space gets darker and livens up, louder music, videos playing on the big projector screen along the wall, and the vibe changes a bit more into a lounge vibe, which seems suitable for a younger crowd. Although I am in my 20's I prefer to attend Woodland during the day oppose to night. All in all VISIT you will love it,the food is so yummy, you will not be dissappointed.



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