Digilogue Day is Bringing the SXSW Feeling to Brooklyn, New York - Biggest Tech and Music Conference

With over 50+ events in the past 3 years across the US in spaces such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Austin, and more - we are officially bringing you Digilogue Day! The Digilogue is a community-driven music and tech education platform focused on connecting the global music community. BeatStars (Title Sponsor) Amuse (Title Sponsor), SoundCloud, Shure, SongTrust, TrackNotes, and more to be announced are just a few brands that have already confirmed to be a part of the movement! Serving as the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Alamo Records, the founder of Digilogue - Drew De Leon - states, “My mission is to build community, not industry.

I’m happy to share angles with you on this, as there are several topics to cover. Really looking forward to working with you on this, and if you have any questions, do let me know. You can review the Run-of-Show and visual details, HERE


What: Digilogue Day

When: March, 28th 2020

Where: Industria (10,000 Square Foot Venue Space in Williamsburg, BK)

Attendees: 500 - 700 attendees

About The Digilogue:

The Digilogue team collaborates with the most relevant brands in music and technology to provide you with panel discussions, masterclasses, and networking events. We keep people up-to-date within music startups, new tech driven companies, and industry trends. Our belief in and love of technology means that The Digilogue community members get to test and view demos of the coolest hardware and software on the market.


  • Formerly head of Marketing at Def Jam, now VP of Marketing at Alamo Records, and Now Leading the #1 Music and Tech Event in New York. Meet the Founder Drew and find out of his journey made him want to create an event such as Digilogue Day

  • Digilogue Day: Drew speaks on how diversity is going to change the music industry and why putting all ethnicities on the panels gives artist hope 

  • Who and what is “The Digilogue '' and Why are Brands Like SoundCloud, Tidal, and Def Jam Behind Them!

  • National Teach Music Week (March 16th-22nd): Drew teaches artist the true art of marketing, syncing, masters, production and more! 

  • Attend event as press 

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