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A Look Behind Rising Star Mark MK McLaughlin


By: Jamila Pringle

Consider Grammy Award-winning singer and producer Akon's West African influenced beats, meets Flo-Rida's club music infused with pop tunes, and you get none other than Mark MK McLaughlin's ingenious sound. His smooth, light overtone comes to light in "Dejah," his most recent collaboration with International sensation Shaggy where you can "Dejah, Dejah, everybody's hands in the air, air. Wave em' like you just don't care, care. Tell me where the party at. I'll be there. Lets go."

In this latest single produced by Tony Bella and Freddy P., " the process was cool. Freddy has a relationship with Shaggy, so he sent him the song and the rest was history (laughs). I have some major songs with Iconic features like Shaggy, but its to early to let that out. You can [definitely] look forward to the album Day Walker coming out soon." Many of his catchy tunes have led him to open up for acts like John Legend and Jadakiss. He has also done performances with Stalley from Maybach Music and Mack Wilds.

Mark has had quite a few feats, but everyone must start somewhere, and this rising star budded with encouragement close to home, from his brother." I grew up watching my older brother DJ, and I learned how to DJ at parties from him, only thing is I wanted to be the person singing on the records, so I started singing- but as a teenager." Of course, you can't leave out his entertainment influences like Stevie wonder, Alicia Keys and Bob Marley. Looking back, he would definitely advise his teenage self to "get a respected entertainment Lawyer to represent you right away because that would help you deal with the real industry insiders more."

Before, bringing his music to the forefront, Mark did a lot of his work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry where, "One of my first major placements behind the scenes was writing and performing a song titled Turn The Lights Out for the Universal Picture 'Bring It On Fight To The Finish' that helped me a lot cause people in the industry started asking for my writing services which led to other placements."

Much of Mark's background experience has added to the necessary skill-set for many of his entrepreneurial ventures, most notably, Made King, a company built beside his partner Claude Marcelin Jr., which "pretty much introduces corporations to the party night life, with leading sponsor opportunities from revered brands such as Belvedere Vodka."

All Photo Credit: Mark MK McLaughlin

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