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Lea Robinson


1. We all know you as the Grand-daughter of Hip Hop, but what we want to know is when do you know and realize your love of music.

* I was very young... Probably around four or five years old.

2. Do you ever feel pressure to be amazing and to make your family proud.

* Never. I just live life the right way, pray at all times and work extremely hard.

3. How does it feel to continue on a legacy.

* Pretty epic. I carry my family with me everywhere I go and I love that they always tell me how proud they are of me and all of my hard work and endeavors.

4. Ok, we have seen you bust a move, and you are like a mini Janet Jackson, would you call yourself a dancer as well or is it just something that comes natural and you happen to do?

* For sure. I was actually a ballerina before I became a singer so I'm definitely a true dancer.

5. If you can name one woman in history no matter how far back, young, or old, famous or not that you look up to who would you say?

* My mother. She's the greatest woman and person that I've ever known.

6. What is the day in the life of Lea Robinson?

* A blessing. Everyday whether good or questionable is filled with love and lessons learned. I truly understand the saying "you learn something new everyday" because it is so true. I can be doing anything from waking up heading to work, leaving work heading to a rehearsal, leaving rehearsal than heading to the studio or just spending quality time with my family and loved ones. It really depends on the day.

7. What is something your fans would never guess about you?

* Besides music and performing, I work multiple real jobs (laughs). I'm a jeweler and I work at a charity.

8. Our editors are insane aha, they are both like mini kids at heart yet super intense wisdom geeks, we find that most artistic people are out rightly silly, super profound and serious or both which would you say you are?

* A combination of both. I'm truly a happy, silly individual who always finds the joy in any situation but of course I do have my serious moments especially while handling business.

9. What do you ultimately want in life and in your career?

* To change the world in the greatest way and be able to be alive to see the changes.

10. It is no secret that guys go gaga for you well we wanna know are you taken or dating anyone?

* I really enjoy keeping my personal life private especially living in a world where majority of the generation makes everything so public.

11. Do you write your music? When dealing with a writer what do you look for?

* I do write but I also love having my right hand, brother, and producer K2 with me; our vibe, energy and concepts are just incredible. When working with other writers though I'm all about a vibe... If it feels right, magic gets created. If the vibe is off, so is the music.

12. Lastly, when will you drop another video?

* Stay tuned. It's coming very soon.

Thank you so much for your time and honesty and doing this interview with us we all here at The Morgan think you are dope and embody what we stand for which is being artisitc and and individual and standing firm to who you are. You are truly someone for young girls to look up to. Keep up the amazing work and keep killin' em.

* Thank you so much for your time and making me an addition to "The Morgan Mag" I wish you guys lots of love and blessings with all of your endeavors.

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