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Knowing What You Want Is Great, But Are You Sure

Knowing what you want is great, but are you sure?! I want a man with great communitcation and that can hold a conversation. That's a standard expectation right, this is where it comes from... I dated a guy that was attractive, great career that he loved and was really into me, made me feel like I was the only woman in a room full of women, but his communication sucked. I would text him and he would respond the next day, I would call and he wouldn't answer (aint all the busy in the world), but when we were together it was perfect, so naturally I took the lack of communication personally. Then one day, we spent the entire day together, not doing anything in particular, I did one thing while he did another the entire time. But I noticed that every time he's phone went off he ignored it, he ignored his brother, sister, best friend, etc. Just ignoring people left and right and he wasnt doing anything. So it wasnt just me he did it to, he just likes ignoring people. I needed that to change, he said he would try, but people are who they are.

Now I met this guy who I am slightly interested in dating, his communication is awesome and coversation is good, even though majority of the time its about nothing in particular. One or two days of this is fine, BUT EVERY DAMN DAY IS CRAZY. He texts me every morning to say Good Morning, Calls me on his lunch break to talk about whatever comes to his mind, sometimes I can't even get a word in to respond to a question he asked me. He calls me every night to say Good Night and wants to talk for hours on the phone about NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. Im not a teenage girl who wants to be on the phone for hours about nothing important EVERYDAY. So for me there are limits to this great communication I want in a man. Know when to take your ass to sleep.


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