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Fitness Model Regina: MARCH Model of the Month

Name: Regina Perez

Height: 5'7

Where are you from? South Carolina "Smiling faces, beautiful places"

How old are you? 24

Single? Yes

What is the last book/magazine you read? The Morgan magazine of course :)

What's your favorite part of your body? My legs. They are built like stallions :)

Would you date a guy off the Internet? No. I am old fashion, lets meet in person.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Cam Newton

What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)? I want to inspire and motivate other to become an advocate for fitness.

Favorite pair of shoes? I have these old worn out sperrys. They are just so comfy.

What kind of guy do you like? If a guy is smart, its a turn on.

Are you wifey material? If the right guy comes along...

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Instagram: @reginaperezfitnes

Regina Perez Photographer: DDG Images I and DDG images give you permission to use these photos


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