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MUSIC MONDAY FUN FACTS ABOUT SAY IT SAY IT'S PAULIE This week's Music Monday features the amazing Paulie, who is a member of the up and coming band Say It Say It. The young musician recently talked to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview about the band and his life. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 1. Paulie comes from a family of musicians. His grandfather is an accordion player, while his mom is a classical pianist, so it was only natural that he would also get involved in music. He has been playing instruments since the age of eight, learning how to play the guitar, piano and saxophone. He went on to join a boy band as a teen and then went on to do an album. After a short break to go to school, he decided to go back to chase his dream. He joined the band Say It Say It and things have been developing and snowballing ever since. 2. Say It Say It is a mix of pop, rock and 80's electronic sound. He says they are a very high energy band and that there is something for everyone in their music. He adds that the fact that each member has a different background also helps them create their own sound. He says that being in the band is a lot of work, but that he has so much fun that it doesn't feel like he is working. 3. In addition, Paulie and his band are very involved with Sound Affects, a charitable organization that crowdfunds entrepreneurs who are active working on solutions for cancer. Say It Say It has partnered with Sound Affects to help raise awareness, and to support crowdfunding by offering special rewards and experiences to fans who contribute to their chosen cancer fighting campaign: “The Tuminator: Finds and Kills Cancer” Paulie loves working with the organization because it is his way of being able to give back to his fans and supporters. 4. Paulie says that he loves his fans and will always go the extra mile to keep in touch with them. He says that he hopes they know that he can relate to them both on and off the stage. 5. People would be surprised to know that Paulie loves nerdy things such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Dr. Who. He also loves to watch shows like Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, as well as cartoons and Adventure Brothers. Follow me on social media: Facebook: Sammi-T Twitter: TVG_Sammi Instagram: TVG_Sammi

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