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FUN FACTS ABOUT CARRIE LANE Carrie Lane is gorgeous, talented and an all-around sweetheart. She is also an up and coming music star that is on her way to being the next big thing. She recently talked to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview about her career. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 1. She started off in musical theatre when she was only four years old, but at that time it was only a hobby. She stopped performing in high school and attended college for childhood education, which is something she is still doing today. However, she still wanted to find her passion, so she went back to music, writing and taking voice lessons. This led to her making the decision to be a solo artist and before long, she was working with a band and making music videos. 2. She spent all of last summer touring with Kevin Jonas’s wife’s brother in the USA Winter Lights tour and is currently working on another tour this year. She will be heading to Nashville, LA and Texas and is excited to see what is to come. 3. She was inspired to write by Carole King, someone she considers to be a beautiful lyricist. She also loves writing poems and says she never realized that she could turn her words and feelings into a song. 4. She loves to collaborate with other artists, but says she never collaborated with a female. She thinks it could be empowering and says some of her dream artists to work with include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Lorde. She says it would be great to have two powerhouses work together because it could lift them up. 5. She releases a new video every Monday on her social media pages, Carrie Lane Music. They include covers, collaborations, original songs and everything in between. She hopes that this helps people get excited for her new album, which will be released this spring. 6. Carrie Lane is supportive of Sound Affects <> , a charitable organization that is redefining the war on cancer through crowdfunding cancer solutions. Carrie is supporting the campaign “Quitting Smoking Is Getting Easier. “- a new way to help people stop smoking. Carrie wants her fans to get involved by purchasing one of her rewards here: Thank you to Carrie and her team for this interview and be sure to keep checking back for more news on her blossoming career! Article by Sammi Turano

Interviewer at TV Grapevine Facebook: Sammi-T Twitter: TVG_Sammi Instagram: TVG_Sammi


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