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Ground Breaking Technology set to Reshape Music and Lifestyle Brands Forever


Marketing and branding expert, Jay Leopardi, and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion, Walter Thurmond III, are set to release a groundbreaking technology in 2016. This new and high-tech innovation will create a new market and add a valued network for tech-giants Google and Apple’s products. Leopardi and Thurmond predict that their disruptive technology will change how the music industry does business.

“Our technology will make life easier and more interactive for artists, musicians and most importantly the fans/listeners. Companies like Google and Apple have needed this type of technology but just have not figured it out,” says Leopardi, feeling extremely optimistic and confident. “Me and Walter’s new technology isn’t limited to just music, it’s a lifestyle shift and it will change the way the music industry, maybe the entire entertainment industry does business; and baby boomers and their parents will also find our product extremely useful.”

To get the ball rolling, Leopardi and Thurmond are running a contest via their website, on billboards in Times Square and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, which displays futuristic concepts of their new technology; but in order for users to win the contest, they must figure out what's the next best thing/technology, and share it with at least 30 friends via social media. At, they can find helpful hints to jumpstart their quest.

The lucky winner that guesses “What the Next Big Thing” is, will win one of the following prizes: (1) $10,000 US Dollars on National TV; (2) An all-inclusive prepaid T-Mobile smartphone with 1 year of unlimited service, (3) A year supply of Red Bull, maximum of 100 cases; (4) A shopping spree at Forever 21, while being escorted by NFL Superbowl Champion Walter Thurmond III; or (5) A tailor-made suit, designed by renowned designer Woody Wilson, known for creating staple looks for celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Harvey and the cast of Ocean’s Twelve to name a few.

To enter “What’s the Next Big Thing” contest, please visit, and read the sweepstakes’ rules and terms before entering. Thanks for being the change that you wish to see in the world, and Follow the Wav Campaign on Twitter @thebigwav, and on Facebook and Instagram @followthewav. Click Here


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