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London's Jahna Sebastian Releases the Visuals for "Elephant Stomp"


April 8, 2015, (New York, NY) -- International Pop Star Jahna Sebastian releases the visuals for "Elephant Stomp". The video is a collaboration with Manchester rapper Calibre. Ms. Sebastian previously worked with Calibre in 2014 when they recorded their smash hit 'Vigilantes’. 'Vigilantes' was off Hip Hop Grime duo Psythe & Calibre’s debut Mixtape ‘Starman EP’. The video features street dancers Yeram Park and Matthew Harding introduced by actress/dancer Susy Payne (who has starred in Ms. Sebastian's music video 'Love Over Hate' and'One Day').

The single "Elephant Stomp" was inspired by Calibre's "Elephant Stomp" clothing line. Ms. Sebastian wrote and sings the chorus which was recorded at her studio Multivizion Music. Calibre's vocals was recorded at his studio.

The music video was directed by Igniterr, the clip features Ms. Sebastian and Calibre singing and rapping in some of London’s grimiest spots, as well as holding court in an abandoned warehouse. The fierce track and its visual also serve as a tribute to the rap culture stylings of the late 80s and early 90s.

When asked about what brought about the collaboration for the record, Ms. Sebastian stated, “I love the powerful beat of the song, I also love writing inspirational lyrics and this is one of those perfect occasions".

She goes on to further state, "The clothing line is the unifying point for the project and represents one of the UK street wear brands. As much as I am into high fashion, I never forget the roots of the culture I love. I find that the message and the ethics of this brand give that sense of uplifting spirit to people. It is one of those things that connect people on a day to day life”.

Ms. Sebastian's love for hip hop was a major factor in this collaboration she states, "I love hip hop and having always being involved in the scene internationally, producing and engineering for many hip hop artists from all over the world over the years, I wanted to support the "Elephant Stomp" movement and knowing how hard-working Calibre is, it is great to be a part of it. I told Calibre about Nang TV as I was impressed by the work they have done for many other artists including a few of my artist friends".

Elephant Stomp Music Video

Twitter: @JahnaSebastian

Instagram: @Jahna Sebastian

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