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While other teenagers were out running the streets and getting into trouble Justin “Ferris Wheel Jay” Matias was in his uncle’s basement learning how to make music. Growing up watching his uncle music producer BURN’EMUP at work in his home studio and having his father, Joe Matias already in the music industry gave Ferris Wheel Jay exactly what he needed to be ahead of the competition. At the age of 11 he began to write songs and hooks, and then at 13 Ferris Wheel Jay took a chance at producing and hasn’t stopped yet. “You can’t teach creativity,” says Just as he reminisces about the times his father would play his beats for colleagues and they couldn’t believe a 13 year old was behind them. “If my dad didn’t shop my beats, no one would have believed it was me.”

Now at the age of 25 Ferris Wheel Jay, the kid from East New York, is making music like no other coming out of Brooklyn. There is no talk of cars, guns, getting money, hustling or women in a derogatory way. “It’s just about having fun with it,” says Just, and it shows in the up tempo beats and playful song titles. Everything wasn’t always hip-pop, as Ferris Wheel Jay likes to describe his music. Most of his childhood was spent at All City Leadership Academy, a military 6th grade through 12th grade school. The male students were expected to have short clean cuts and dress in collared shirts and ties. “Most people are surprised at how much of a jokester and a free spirit I am,” says Ferris Wheel Jay.

Ferris Wheel Jay isn’t just sitting around waiting for his big break; until the deals start pouring in he is working on more than one project. In addition to producing for local artists, Ferris Wheel Jay is also looking into acting, modeling and maintaining his clothing line brand.

You seem to appreciate a famous quote by Pablo Picasso, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” What made you choose such a quote?

Thats one of my fave quotes of all time. Most people that are artists, they forget what influenced them to want to do it. I have pictures of me in pre-k playing an instrument, being in a band, and even holding a microphone at such a young age and with that, I’ve never lost that inner child. I will always be that little kid loving music since the first day he heard it.

When did your musical journey begin in life?

My musical journey began when I was about 13 yrs old when my father bought me my first piece of equipment. An MPC 1000. It really began before that honestly. I would always watch my father and uncle in the studio and get kicked out for being too young haha. So I dont know if you would consider that when I started... but still I learned a lot even just watching them work.

We understand that you are also an artist apart from being a dope producer?

I'm actually in a production team with my uncle BURNEMUP and my long time friend Kev Keyz, and collectively we are called the "Trakformaz". We just recently landed our FIRST major placement on French Montana's new album Mac&Cheese scheduled for release in December. So without my team our production wouldnt be the way it is. Our chemistry is natural and we just have fun while working on music. Thats how I know we each love music just as much. There’s a lot of big things in store for us that I dont wanna spoil just yet! So keep on the lookout for us @Trakformaz

What would you be doing if you were not making beats and in the studio?

If I wasnt working on beats or music I would most likely be working on my other love, Acting & comedy. People know me for being a class clown, the center of attention, getting the party started, but either way, whatever I was working on, it would be mastering my craft. I have a lot of comedy skits that people know me for. I just love being myself and having fun while doing it.

If you can name one person who you look up to, or someone who influences you, who would you say (dead or alive, famous or not famous)?

I would say one person I look up too is my best friend, my brother Paul aka Diddy aka Fishing God aka he taught me how to talk to girls LMAO. I’ve known him pretty much my whole life. He’s been incarcerated for some time now but he’s still making sure that I'm on top of my game. First thing he says is how’s the music going. He’s the one who pushed me to become an artist. I did my first record years ago and the feedback he had gotten by playing it for people was crazy. All the girls loved it. So if it werent for him I would probably still just be a producer.

What has been the most unreal moment in life that you will never forget?

One surreal moment in my life is when I met Kanye West back to back around the same time in soho. I was working an overnight with friends and while we were on break I walked up Prince Street and saw him talkin too someone. As I got close the bodyguard pushed me back and said "you aint getting no closer." Kanye said nah lemme talk too him. I said your a musical genius, your a huge inspiration to me and keep doing what your doing. He gave me a hug and said thank you for that. Next day I seen him walking to his maybach and I said yo Yé wattup! and he said I see you and smiled. I knew he had remembered me. Crazy thing is we never even spoke about music. I like to do that. I said you’ll remember me one day and he said Ima hold you too that!

If you can work with any artist of any genre who would they be? Name a top 3 and why?

Drake- I am a comedy version of Drake hands down. We both talk about women, heartbreak, and chasing our dreams. I just like to make my side of the story a little more comical.

Kanye West- Come on, hes yeezus. His craft is amazing, unique, and his confidence is through the roof

B.O.B- I’ve been a fan of his since he was doing his youtube autotune skits, he’s super talented, and the way he flips his flow is crazy. He also has fun in all his videos. He also plays guitar which I am learning to play as we speak.

So we are super noisy here at The Morgan, what is your love life like?

My love life is simple. I am still single as a dollar slice of pizza from 2Guys pizza haha. I'm dating but nothing really serious. I do have someone who I'm still very close to which without her idk if I would be where I am at right now. We dated for a good amount of time and just like Paul she always makes sure I am working. We’re not together but she keeps my sanity together. When I do settle down with someone I want their grind to be just as strong as mine, I dont want someone to nagg me all the time about how I am always in the studio or working but someone that understands. Is that so hard to ask for? I think so lol.

Let's get back to the music now, how do you do what you do? Like where do you mentally go to make such awesome sounds and music?

When I create music I have to either be around art or talent, or things that give me the inspiration that I need to write. I also like writing while I am on the train. It’s just the feeling of going through the tunnel at a fast speed that makes me go in a trance. I zone out so crazy when I am listening to music on the headphones that I don’t even notice anything else around me. Its just me and music.

What is next for you, where is this life taking you?

Life is taking me all over the place. I just went back to working as a stylist, I still do acting, and I want to work with kids again. Me being the social person I am, I just love meeting new people and networking. I don’t know the future so I can’t say where life will take me, but I do know that I was born to make people laugh, feel good, and have situations in my songs that they can relate to. Either way, I was born for the spotlight.

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