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Kissie Lee


Amanda: Listening to your music I can immediately relate. Your latest single “Shoutout 2 My Ex” is my new anthem. Is that song for all your exes or one person in particular?

Kissie: Yes, it is about an ex.

Amanda: The video for “Shoutout 2 My Ex” was fun and exciting to watch. Did you have fun making that video?

Kissie: Yes, I had a lot of fun making the video. My goal was to make it look like Saved by the Bell, mixed with In Living Color and Blurred Lines. And I wanted a blow up doll (laughs).

Amanda: How was your Making the Band experience?

Kissie: Making the Band was a really cool experience. I actually went up to this place to get a job and ended up in an audition line, so nothing was planned. I learned how much work it takes just to be the type of artist Diddy expects on his team. It was a great learning experience and it made me want to make it even more.

Amanda: How would you say the Making the Band experience helped your career?

Kissie: It helped me to stick with it, because I really was unsure of where my music career was going at that time and it was almost like a sign like “This is what I need to be doing”.

Amanda: If you could work with anyone to create your next hit single, who would it be? Why?

Kissie: Timbaland, just because he is so creative and amazing and he worked with one of my favorite artist, Aaliyah, among others. I think the energy in the studio would be so dope and unforgettable.

Amanda: You have worked with so many different people, what advice have you gotten that you would pass on to an up coming artist?

Kissie: Advice that I have gotten is to pratice patience. It sounds simple, but it is oh so hard when you are sitting in a studio writing three songs a day and wondering “How many more songs do I have to write?!” Patience is good though. I’ve personally witnessed some of my peers go from sleeping on a cot in the studio to having a number one record on billboard. So it’s only a matter of time if your business is handled as well.

Amanda: I absolutely love that you were born in Germany. When did you come to the states?

Kissie: I moved from Germany when I was four years old, so I don’t really remmber much of it. I would love to go back! I grew up in Denver, Colorado.

Amanda: Do you speak German?

Kissie: I only know like four words in German (laughs).

Amanda: What is a day in the life of Kissie Lee like?

Kissie: A day in the life of Kissie Lee. Wake up, workout, practice vocals, try on four or five different outfits before I go back to the original outfit, then change again (laughs). Call my production team and organize the next video shoot or the next session. Head to the studio and write at least two songs. I guess right now that’s a day in the life, it all revolves around the studio!

Amanda: You are a singer, dancer and actress, do you have any hidden talents (ex: Can you Juggle)?

Kissie: Hidden talents, I haven’t tapped into those yet (laughs).

Amanda: How has your personal life changed while pursuing your dreams ? Have you lost friends? Have you gained unexpected haters?

Kissie: Personal life kind of gets messed up in the pursuit of this. People who I think are friends turn out not to be if they think I may not be doing well. I can’t always talk to my family because I’m up all kinds of crazy hours. Just gotta roll with the punches because music still makes me happy and that’s what I’m in it for, becuase I love it and I believe I have a story that will touch many people.

Amanda: What advice would you give other young women coming up in Entertainment?

Kissie: Keep it professional. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can only make it if you work with them. There are too many people in this world and in this industry one producer is not the only way to get there if you are not comfortable working with them.

Amanda: What are you currently working on that The Morgan Magazine can be the first to report?

Kissie: I am currently shooting a video for my next single called “SideChick” with a dope feature it’s a female mc. Look out for that!

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