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Where do like minds meet to talk about and swop and share their love of a common thing? The Sneaker Summit! A large melding of minds, of the sneaker heads. When the sneaker was first invented I’m sure Mr. Goodyear did not think or imagine that love for the sneaker would have come this far.

Created in England the rubber sole shoe was a luxury for the wealthy. The rubber sole wore out quickly. In 1853 Charles Goodyear patented the process, and added sulfur and made a more durable product. A product that will be improved upon. A product that will become, a multibillion dollar industry. As America became more of a manufacturing society there was more leisure time now than when people lived a more farm life. Shoes were being made faster and the invention was brought to the world. With the incorporation of the sewing machine and the gunstock, the production of a new product was made. Shoes were made specifically for the right and left feet. The first few attempts failed, between 1892 and1916, by the U.S. Rubber Company. The Keds were released one year later and the first sneaker was born. The word sneaker was created by Henry Nelson McKinney, an advertiser. Since it was easy to sneak up on someone without making noise. Keds were not alone; from the very beginning there was competition. Another company released a sneaker. Marquis M. Converse of the Rubber shoes Company created the Converse All Star. In 1908 Converse created a winter shoe made of canvas that covered the ankle. These shoes were marketed to the sport spectator crowd. Basketball was still very new. The high school gyms were filled with Converse Sneakers. The company decided to give an endorsement to a great high school player named Chuck Taylor. It’s still simply called Chuck Taylor’s or Chucks. 500 million pairs have been produced since 1917. Since then we have seen so many brands and designs of the sneaker. From Adidas, to New Balance, Puma and lots more, the sneaker is worn more today than any other type of shoe. What sneaker leads the pack? The almighty Air Jordan. The result of the greatest deal made between an athlete and a sneaker company. Nike, the Greek Goddess of victory. First sold from the trunk of the car of Phil Knight. Caroline Davidson created the logo in 1971. The Swoosh, it represents the wings of the Greek Goddess. She was paid $35.00. In 1963, during a trip to Japan, Phil Knight pitched his product and marketing concept for the runner. The product was called Tigers and the company was named Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1970 Blue Ribbon Sport became Nike and went from $10 Million Dollar Company to $270 million dollars in sales. What took Nike into the stratosphere? The greatest deal ever made. During a presentation made to Michael Jordan and his parents. He was shown highlights of his career, to the song “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters. Nike pitched an idea and a new sneaker design. Michael liked Adidas. They were not willing to match the pitch two Mercedes, and $500.000 Dollars cash a year. The clause, win Rookie of the year become an All Star or average 20 points a game in the first three years. Air Jordan was born, it hit the stores in March of 1985. By May Nike sold $70 million dollars worth. From Mr. Goodyear’s Keds and Converse Chucks to Nike Air Jordan, we have fallen in love with the sneaker. Sneakers are made for every possible activity that man can show interest in, even just plain looking good. It will be a love affair for all time. Lets see what Kanye does for Adidas.

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