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How To Make Small Eyes Pop With Makeup

Here's Some Beauty Hacks To Remember

Although elongating mascaras and defining liners can help eyes pop in a flash, achieving that doe eyed look definitely requires some handy tricks that goes beyond the help of your makeup tools. And sure all those shadows and pencils on hand can help you get that bright eyed finish, but application is probably the most important step here, being that applying on your products with care and precision makes all the difference.

“The trick to making small eyes look bigger is to have the eyes appear to be bright and open,” says Anisa Telwar Kaicker, president and founder of Anisa International, a global leader in the design and creation of unique beauty tools and solutions for clients including Sephora, Estée Lauder, Smashbox and more. “To achieve this look, you’ll want to start by using a concealer brush and add some product both above and below the brow, creating a lifting effect. Next, you want to add concealer under the eyes, giving it time to set before blending it in. Finally, pair all of this with matte shadows on your eyelids to hide darkening and in the corner of the eyes to create instant illumination.”

For bigger and bolder eyes, we’ve asked some our favorite beauty experts to tackle this age old makeup question, providing you with some hints and tricks to get that well rested look in minutes. And with a handy shortcuts to remember, this is one helpful beauty how-to you’ll want to store inside your arsenal forever.

Contour Your Eyes

Like contouring which uses shading to help facial features become more prominent, shading and highlighting your lids can help your eyes achieve that bigger and more alert appearance.

“To make smaller eyes appear larger, you’ll want to use a light and bright color on the lid and in the corners of the eye and underneath,” says Katherine Dorn, celebrity makeup artist at Pierre Michel Salon. “Then, grab a darker shadow, and create a crease to rim the lash line. Afterwards, use a highlighting cream or shadow on the brow bone, and a touch in the corner of the eyes to help open the eye area.”

Primp Your Lashes

Mascara is one of those beauty shortcuts that gives eyes that instant boost. But aside from lifting and volumizing sparse lashes, mascara can also give your eyes look drastically bigger than before. To get that wide-eyed look, simply sweep on an extra coat or two at the center of eye, as this notion helps bring the attention upwards.

“To make your eyes look bigger, simply grab a lash curler, curl your lashes and apply on a lengthening mascara,” says Vanessa Ungaro ofLAUREN+VANESSA Hair and Beauty located in New York City.

While one coat surely suffices, adding on an extra coat of mascara gives eyes added definition, especially since the added length and thickness can help your eyes stand out instantly.

“Add an extra coat or two of mascara to the top eyelashes at the center of the eye,” explains Susan Posnick, expert makeup artist and founder of Susan Posnick Cosmetics. “The additional length and thickness will focus the attention upwards.”

To help your shadow remain prominent throughout the day, using some eyeliner can keep your lashes bold, and leave the eyes looking oh-so wide. Just remember to use black or navy shades to keep your finished result looking natural.

"Work a dark eyeliner in black, navy, ebony or amethyst into the upper lashes,” adds Susan Posnick. “Keep the liner thin- a thick line will close the eye up, then apply a dark shadow under the outer half of the bottom lashes, making it thicker at the outside corner.”

Try A Nude Or White Liner On Your Waterline

Another big-eyed beauty hack comes using a nude or white colored eyeliner which gives eyes that highly coveted pop. And being that these colors give your waterline a big boost, you can always use this trick again after those long nights, with very little sleep.

“For a natural yet wide eyed finish, apply a soft nude eyeliner in your waterline,” explains Vanessa Ungaro.

But if natural liners really aren’t your thing, feel free to use a charged up turquoise shade to help open up the eyes instead. This will aid in making the eyes look brighter, while enhancing your eye’s natural color in the process.

“Line the waterline with a white or better yet, a turquoise pencil, to make the eyes appear brighter and more open,” adds Susan Posnick. “ The turquoise shade will also enhance your natural eye color too.”

Want more beauty shortcuts? Here’s 10 Easy Beauty Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of!

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