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Johnny Depp and Wife Amber Heard Get Emotional as They Help Brazilians Hear for the First Time

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Couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have committed themselves to charity, but this time it's for a resounding cause.

Married since February of this year, the two made a trip to Brazil on Thursday to assist the Starkey Hearing Foundation in their mission to supply hearing aids to deaf or near-deaf individuals. Some recipients had reportedly never been able to hear before the devices were installed.

Heard told Entertainment Tonight that the experience was "moving, to say the least."

"There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing that moment where you’re testing thehearing aid and testing it, and that moment where they light up as they hear. That moment is everything."

Depp also expressed his appreciation to have been a part of the life-changing event, saying that, “To be able to help these kids, help these people, is amazing."

The Starkey Hearing Foundation contributes more than 100,000 hearing aids per year to the needy.


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