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There are choices and we are not affraid to make them.

"I am loving Rosewood, reminds me of Quincy, M.E. remember that one!"

The line up for the fall is filled with amazing talent and creativity

Talent and imagination has taken back television from “Reality T.V.” I must admit I rejoice with unbridaled vigor each night as I wait in anticipation for the week ahead and the fall television schedule. Some I record, others I watch right away. My intelligence is no longer insulted.

The week begins with a Sunday of Walking Dead, which brings us sometimes to our darker places, but that’s okay. It is okay to visit. We sometimes need to excersice our mind with what we would have done “if it were me.” I engage with the characters and question Ricks stability and look for our inner Carol. What lady would not love to be rescued by Daryl? New to Sunday is Quantico. I call it Mod Squad 2.0 They look good, they are young and smart, but some are so smart they find out from time to time how stupid they really are. Blood and Oil take’s some of us of a certain age back to the days of Dallas. This new show although familiar, takes us to the oil fields of Kansas with well developed characters and an even better story. The father/son dynamic and the young new blood trying to stomp with the big dogs, creates intrigue and is oh so sexy. Welcome back Mr. Johnson.

Now, where would our imaginations be without a twist on those good old fairytales we all grew up with in Once upon a time. There are choices and I am not affraid to make them. That’s only Sunday. During the remaining days we have so much to choose from. Whatever your palet there is a choice for you. The line up for Monday is filled with fantasy comedy and suspence, with everything from Gotham, Big Bang Theory, Minority Report and Jane the Virgin. My new obession is Clueless meets Scream and it’s called Scream Queens on Tuesday. And then there is Limitless. Answering the question: Then what happened? It does not dissapoint.

I was very pleased to see that the muppets grew up with me. This is clearly a show for grown ups still intouch with their inner child. I could go on and on, American Horror Story, Empire and How to get away with murder along with Scandal. Finally, Televison is worth watching again. Yes, I am a closet reality watcher but ever so often the brain needs to be stimulated. Real talent and creativity must come through. Its bad enough we don’t read as we should but that’s a whole other story.

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