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Interview: That Suits You Founder

1. What inspired you to begin a non-for-profit company in the aesthetic of this one?

I had a job where I was responsible for interviewing and hiring qualified candidates. To

my dismay so many men would come to the interviews dressed inappropriately. I figured

they either could not afford professional attire or they didn’t know what they should wear.

I took this as a sign to begin helping them with both obstacles.

2. It seems to us that your aim is towards young men of color, minorities to be specific; why

isn't this available to all young men of all backgrounds no matter the income or area you

have grown up in? We find all young men face different adversities shouldn't they all be

given the same options?

While we do focus our attention on minority men who complete job training programs, we

do not limit our service it to any particular race, ethnicity, culture, or background. We

have suited various different individuals who have required professional attire to obtain

employment. Not only men who have completed programs but also H.S. and college

graduates; as well for proms, graduations and interviews.

3. Do you see your company expanding to other things outside of how to present your self-

image wise? Maybe things leading deeper into other things within the Lifestyle industry?

As our company grows the vision is definitely expanding. We started with providing

mainly suits and ties but we have grown to include workshops, panels, social media

presence, entrepreneurism, and the importance of networking. The clothing is mainly the

icing on the cake; we take greater pride and joy clothing the inner man and not just the

outer man.

4. Do you feel that this in some way is leading you into being a role model to the

generations under you? If so, how do you feel about that?

I believe that I am fulfilling my purpose which is to inspire and help others to live out their

dreams. I feel great about that because so many people go through life without hearing (1)

person say “I believe in you”, “I want to help you”, and then also back up their words with

actions. If I can do that for some men, than I am satisfied. We can never have enough

positive images and the media and society portray negative images so often.

5. How do you feel about how society is depicting the violence between minorities and


Unless you are a minority it is very difficult to explain to someone the challenges that are

experienced on a daily basis. At times I feel very discouraged to see so many minorities

killed by people that are supposed to be our protectors. I think about my (2) sons and what

they may have to deal with as they get older. It is very disappointing and that makes what

we do so crucial to help men and show them “Us” in a positive light achieving and

accomplishing incredible things.

6. On a lighter note, what are some of your top tips to men in terms of fashion when suiting


With every suit we give out we provide a list of tips to help these men to look their best:

A. Match your belt with your shoes

B. Never button you bottom button on your suit

C. Don’t be afraid to accessorize (pocket square, lapels, etc.)

D. Among others….

7. How can people reach you if they are in need of your services?

People can go to our website

Also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Instagram @THATSUITSYOU

8. How did you even begin your company, what were the needed steps to achieve the

success you have already achieved?

I initially did plenty of homework and found a solid group of individuals who could see and

support the vision. Next, I was not afraid to get my hands dirty and work to get our

business certificate, 501c3 and other documents. Major keys are making and building

relationships, and being dedicated to the vision.

9. If you could have anyone collaborate with your company who would it be, it can be any

kind of brand, celebrity, whatever, who would it be?

I have to give you 3:

 Steve Harvey: because of his dedication to help others succeed.

 Sean Combs: because his clothing line would be able to assist us with professional

attire to continually help the men we serve.

 Daymond John: because of his business mind and sense would be invaluable to TSY.

10. What is next for you, what is next on the goal list for you?

Next for us is working with Public Schools to train and teach our people at an early age

about the importance of image and ownership. Also in March we want to have our 1st

annual Fashion Show celebration to showcase what we do and bring awareness to our

cause while raising funds.

Thank you for your time!!!


Mr. Gerard Kersey

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