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Build Your Wardrobe On A BUDGET With Celebrity Fashion Stylist

People where like, "what in the world no way"!

They were in shock, because the outfit looked beyond expensive, and it was a full look, when I say full I mean jeans, top, jacket blah blah blah.

Now do not get me wrong I am a lover of things Chanel and Balenciaga, but be real, that is not what all people can afford.

Majority of the people in the world actually can't, and many that have those gorg! beautiful things probably truly can not really afford it.

Im just saying.

Here are some of my tips to create a wardrobe that is cost effective and tricks to always look like MONEY even if you don't really have much of any


Do not hate on H&M or Forever 21 you can find things that simulate runway looks at amazingly affordable prices, plus H&M has tons of big name designers who release collections within their stores.


Add to your wardrobe never clutter it. To many times people realize they own 15 of the same white v-neck or 4 camel colored hoodies 2 black sweat suits that are the same exact sweat suit NO BUENO

You know how mommy used to make a grocey list throughout the week

so when shopping day comes she knows what she needs?

Well duh!! do the same with your wardrobe when you see you do not have the must have jean jacket or that you own no boots for the fall and winter, you probably should own a blazer or two and a few button ups, add them on your list!! So when you have a couple of bucks to spare you can check that baby off and add it to your closet.


ACCESSORIZE, OMG! this does wonders to your look. A gold watch, killer shades perfect for your face, that amazing necklace that gives personality. They're needed, and can take your look from drab to fab.


Do not be ashamed to shop that clearence rack at SAKS or catch those sales at Macys. Rich people do it why can't you. How do you think the rich stays rich, they watch those coins so stop splurging like your name and bank account says Kardashian because they don't.

If you are to embarrassed to go in the store and B-Line for the "hey im cheap and probably broke area" then simply shop online.

Versace has a sales section . . . I'm just saying.


There is nothing wrong with making those big purchases.

You may be saying "but Fatiah, I don't make much a week and I am a college student, and I have my cell phone bill" or whatever else, well save, yes SAVE!! nothing like a Louie bag yummm, that puppy will last you for a long while and will always be worth something, it is an investment.

This is not even a shallow statement, you have to invest in those magical designer peices that are amazing quality and have longevity.

Always go for classic in this matter not trendy.


CLEAN, looks good! Groom yourself people. Men manicures are a must. I promise you your favorite ball player gets his nails done. Keeping your hair in tack it is a must.

Ladies no one is saying you have to make sure you can afford a hair salon remember these are tips for those on a budget.

There are so many tips on how to care for it or when you can visit the salon ask for ways to maintain and upkeep.

Now for those who can make that every 2 week visit to the salon do what you do keep looking great!

Moving on to our final tip. . .

TIP 7 my fav number

I know a lot of you hate makeup but trust me everyone can use a little something.

No one is saying walk out looking like you have a glam team, but if you ask me you should if you can!!

But if makeup is not your thing that is fine.

I get it, some find it unessacry but you should try to wear some your an adult a pop of color can do you some good. Sooooo make a visit to Sephora they do makeup tips and trys for free with a pro makeup dude or gal and they can find your perfect shade for daily wear.

Get some blush and bronzer while your at it with light coverage trust me you will look amazing day to day with that little bit of sprucing.

Oh yea, don't forget some eye liner and mascara. It will change your life.

Trust me this is not a ton of makeup at all, ask any girl who wears a bunch, which I am guilty of daily, you would think I wake up to a glam team.

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