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Spring & Del Toro Preview

I have never been a fan of staying on trend.

Not only does it limit an individuals self expression but it gives permission for the masses to become "self proclaimed Fashionistas".

However after attending the "Spring & Del Toro Preview" event, for his new concept shop in soho, my mind has changed! It's a rare find when a designer is able to stay on trend, maintain an individual perspective and promote a culture all at once.

When first entering the the shop, you walk up red velvet stairs not revealing a destination but triggering a feeling of what awaits. I was nothing short of impressed. El Toro is the one stop shop for a must have buy.

His luggage sets are what I would call a, "calm slay," meaning simple but it still makes people do a double take. Perfect for the jet setter lifestyle.

My mouth watered when looking at the tan suede duffle bag, with a navy blue stripe down the middle with Native Symbols embedded on it, which took center display along with an off white cowboy hat sitting on top that just took the look to the next level.

My eyes of course escaped to the shelfs of footwear. There were pairs and pairs of sneakers, shoes and boots for every asthetic.

If I'm wrong about them having every look for every kind of person in your opinion, no fear because they have a shoe factory in the back.

If you want something specifically written or drawn on your shoe, they can do it. If you want a specific shoe style but you want a different material from how you originally saw them they can do that also. If you want to adjust the soles on a pair of shoes to a different color or design they make that possible as well.

After, I worked my way through the few clothing items they had on display. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the fabric selection "velour." Velour has always left a distasteful feeling behind for me, but in El Toro's case that taste was removed, I really liked it. I believe he was able to do this because his color selection was well planned, the silhouette was amazing and the rusted zippers were a fabulous touch.

What's awesome is that I can shop the El Toro Brand from anywhere thanks to the phone app "Spring." Spring is an application that connects you to shop from different brands when and wherever you want. It's a free download, you search the brand , click weither you want to shop Men or Women, then click the item categories such as (bags, shoes, clothes and accessories) and the best part is you can personalize your items as if you were in the store.

Thanks for the invite El Toro, The Morgan Mag can't wait to see what comes next.

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