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I met this guy and allowed him to take me out on a date. We were talking on the phone for about a week before I agreed to anything. I already wasn't interested in getting to know him further, because he just did not peak my interest, but I wanted to give him a good old college try before I dismissed him all together.

We went to BBQ's mainly because he has been talking about Hennessy Wings for a week and wanted to go and asked me if I wanted to go with him. I didn't mind going, but I did obverse that our first date was going to be something that he wanted to do and not something we would enjoy or wanted to do together.

1. He Was A Very Messy Eater

There is nothing attractive about getting Hennessy sauce all over your goatee. Then trying to carry a conversation while you eat. Now I'm not saying use a knife and fork to eat your chicken wings, but use a napkin and keep it clean. MAKE A CLEAN FIRST IMPRESSION

2. He Can Not Handle His Liquor

A man not able to handle his liquor is a big turn off for me. Plus it is our first date, I don't want to see you drunk, I want to enjoy myself and consider seeing you again. Not to mention, he was drinking some weak ass liquor. I was drinking more than him and I was fine. I was even mixing my light with my dark liquor and I was good. WHY? Because I know my limits, I know how much and what I can drink to remain cute and able to put my best foot forward.

3. Other People Noticed It Was A First Date

We spoke so much on the phone and a lot of things, in my mind, was out of the way so things should have flowed more naturally, but he was just odd and weird for some reason. A couple was sitting next to us and the second time my date went to the bathroom, the dude next to us asked me if he could ask me a question. I said yes and he proceed to as me if I was on a first date. I asked him if it was obvious, the man said "yes, he is trying so hard" and laughed. I couldn't help, but laugh with him because I was smiling through the pain like I had on 6 inch heels and been walking all day.

4. He Showed Me The Bill At Dinner

We are on a first date and I do believe the man should pay. This dude got the bill was signing the check and then said "Look at that shit". Are you serious. So I asked him, "Do you need help paying the bill because I can pay for everything I ordered. He was like "No, I'm just saying that's crazy. The bill was $110.00 there is nothing crazy about that and you don't show you date the bill when you are on a date, that's pretty much complaining about the bill.

5. Tried To Pull Me Across The Street

After leaving the restaurant and we were outside he wanted to hold my hand. We had to cross the street and he was pulling me behind him across the street like I'm his child that's walking to slow while he is trying to cross the street. I had to tell him do not pull me like that, I'm in no rush and I'm a big girl so I will get across the street just fine.

6. He Mentioned How Much He Got Paid

While paying for the movie, which came up to $40.00 for the two of us. I overheard him asking the attendant if the movie was 3D, I was like $40.00 is kind of crazy for a movie. He replies "I just got paid $700, so its cool, you ain't messing with no broke nigga" ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I'm starting to thing I'm on a hidden camera show. This 31 year old man just told me how much he got paid. What kind of childish shit is this.

7. He Fell Asleep

While we were at dinner he asked me if I wanted to see a movie because he wanted to see Dracula and didn't want to go alone. I said its kind of late so there aren't any more movies showing. He wanted to check, so I went with it. I asked him if he was sure if he was up for a movie because he looks tired. He said no he's fine. When we got to the movies the last movie of Dracula was showing at 12:30am and it was 12:37am so I figured it was to late. He said that's just the previews so we can go. I like the previews. He go the tickets and I asked him again, if he was sure he was up for a movie because he looked really tired, he told me he wouldn't fall asleep during the movie. Half way through the movie he was knocked out. I tried to wake him up twice and both times he went back to sleep.

8. He Talked Loudly During The Movie

So, after looking at some great previews for some upcoming movies, the movie finally starts. Oh, and we were sitting in the second row, from the screen. I felt like it was 3D we were sitting so close. The movie starts and he starts.... Oh this is going to happen, I read the book, Oh this is about to happen I read the book and not using his movie theater voice he was using his outside voice. I had to tell him "shh please, I want to watch the movie that you wanted to see, I didn't read the book and I don't need you to keep telling me you did" What is wrong with people.

9. He Told Me To Grab His Crotch

When we were leaving the movies, I was turned off and just done. How do you fall asleep during a movie. He started asking how did the movie end and I refuse to tell him. I said "You read the book, you should know how it ended". He told me I should have woke him up and I told him, I did try twice and we went back to sleep. This man had the balls to tell me "Next time grab my crotch". WHAT?! First of all what makes him think it is okay to say that to a woman, second of all what makes him think there is gonna be a next time.

10. Asked Me For A Kiss

With Hennessy sauce still in his goatee he had the nerve to ask me for a kiss. He clearly doesn't think he did anything wrong tonight and a first kiss should happen naturally, you don't ask for it.

WHAT'S WRONG, someone tell me please. IT'S NOT ME, IT'S HIM... There will not be a second date. Dismissed


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