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It’s Valentine’s Day and I woke up to a small gift bag sitting in bed next to me. I got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up. As I went back to bed to open my gift Mr. Right walked in with breakfast, eggs, bacon, a belgian waffle with a small bowl of fruit, a glass of orange juice and a glass of water. He placed the tray down in front of me and waited as I opened my gift. WOW! What I’ve always wanted, this man is so good me. I said thank you and gave him a kiss, then enjoyed my breakfast.

I went into my closet and got the gift that I bought for Mr. Right. I just hope it puts a smile on his face this morning like he has done for me. I walked into the living room and handed him the gift and sat down on the floor in front of him as he opened it. His eyes smiled before his mouth did and he gave me the warmest hug and softest kiss. I was so glad he liked it and I could tell that this day was going to be one to remember.

After I got out of the shower I noticed a beautiful black dress laid out on the bed with a Christian Louboutin shoe box sitting next to it. I got so excited I dropped my towel and hurried toward the box. I opened the box and there were a beautiful pair of green pumps inside. I laughed because green is his favorite color, I smiled because he knew I wanted a new pair of Christian Louboutins and I shook my head because I knew I should have gotten him something else.

He left a note telling me to get dressed and wait for him in the living room. I took my time getting ready to make sure I looked perfect for him. It’s the least I can do, after the surprises he has given me so far. I walked into the living room and waited for him like he asked. Five minutes later he walks in wearing a black Giorgio Armani suit with a slim black tie, just looking all types of sexy. I stood up and kissed him, he grabbed my hand and outside there was a car waiting to take us into the city.

We arrived at the Broadway Comedy Club for a night of laughs. I do love to laugh.

I enjoyed the comedy show and it was turning out to be the day I thought it was going to be. We headed back to the car and he instructed the driver to take us to 7th avenue and 17th street. I know that address, we are going to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafeteria.

Now Mr. Right treats me well everyday all day, don’t get me wrong we have had our problems like all relationships do, but for the most part he is my Mr. Right.

We drank wine and ate food and had great conversation. He made me laugh and we looked at each other like things were just perfect. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs to freshen up. On my way back to my seat I run into my ex boyfriend Erik, and he just grabbed me and kissed me. WTF... I am too cute for drama tonight.


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