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It’s been almost a year since I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, Erik. After six years we finally decided to just call it quits. I wanted to try and make things work, but it was hard to over look him cheating on me all the time. Every time he got caught, you would think one of those times he would say, “Damn, I’m not good at this”. Instead he kept trying, so I had to stop trying to make it work. He clearly wanted to be single no matter what his mouth told me.

It’s important to know what you offer to a relationship and what you want from a partner, so let me think… He must be attractive, because I know I’m cute. He must be intelligent, because I’m an intelligent woman who enjoys the occasional intelligent conversation. He MUST be funny, I think I’m hilarious. He should be well dressed, I dress like outside is my runway. Needs to have a job, I have one. Loyalty is an absolute must, when I commit to someone there is no questioning my commitment. Honest, I respect a honest man and I keep it real all the time. Last but not least, outgoing. I like to go out and have fun and try need things, if I have to do that by myself I mine as well be by myself.

The last time I caught Erik’s ass cheating on me it was weird because I had no reason to suspect anything. It was a normal morning, we got up at five o’clock and I drove him to work. It was a great half an hour ride to his job in Manhattan as we listened to the radio. Carmen was doing a prank on Hot 97 and we could not stop laughing. We finally get to the Lincoln Building on 42nd Street. He gave me a hug and a kiss and got out of the car.

I was driving home jamming to the music on the radio and noticed his wallet sitting in the cup holder. As I shrugged my shoulders I thought to myself “Why the fuck your wallet in the cup holder, that’s weird”. I figured since he left the wallet in the cup holder his ass didn’t need it.

When I got home, something decided for me that I should look through the wallet, so I did. As I’m looking around I noticed there was this little side pocket, slightly hidden, so I go in the pocket. Now low and behold there is a SD card in this hidden pocket. Who keeps an SD card in their wallet and hides it? I don’t, so no one should.

Now I want to know what’s on the SD card, so I put it in my camera to see the images. Nothing came up, but I didn’t give it. I put the SD card into my SD reader and connected it to the computer, that’s when everything popped up.

This father of no kids got lady parts on the SD card. I looked at every last photo on the card. YES I DID. Went through the whole roll. Come to find out, I know this bitch. Some of the pictures had her face in them. Now I turned into inch high private eye on this ninja. The date and time stamp was for New Years Day, and it was eleven at night. She was dress up like they went out or was going out. So not only did he have sex with her, he is spending money. This is too much.

I put everything back the way I found it and texted him. I said I wanted to speak to him about something, so if he had a moment to get away I will be there. He told me to come by in an hour and he will take me to breakfast. I waited a half hour and headed back to the Lincoln building to meet him. When he came downstairs, he got in the car as happy as when I left him earlier. I guess having two women will do that to you...


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