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Project Runway Junior Samantha

I knew when I first met Samantha Melanie Cobos, I knew that she would be a force to be reckoned with in the world of Fashion. I knew in my mind, it wasn't a matter of "if" she would be discovered but WHEN. Some would ask "why so sure?" The answer is simple; "she is an original in the myths of people who "think" they are "originals". From her personal aesthetic to her design aesthetic it's all authentically Samantha. She wants to be known for her street wear styles,I promise she will be. Street wear is not just simply T-shirts with quotes used a thousand times or childhood cartoons that we loved and enjoyed as a kids that have been turned into offensive meanings, and hats with logos me and you could have doodled while bored taking a test. Samantha is here to bring a new wave of street wear. Her designs force you to not only look at the colors or accessories but the structure and fit of the clothing.

Don't take my word for it ask Aya Kanai Fashion Director for Seventeen and Cosmopolitan Magazine who said and I quote on the Project Runway Juniors ."We know that this designer has a big future ahead of us in this competition". Samantha is so busy being a Senior in High School and being a strong contestant on Project Runway Juniors that she did not have time to meet up with her dear old classmate but she did want to give an insight on her life exclusively with The Morgan Mag, so she agreed to do a Q and A so we get to know her a little better of the screen.

Look out for the full interview with Samantha from Project Runway Junior in The Morgan Magazine's next issue!

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