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The Future of the Female

I became concerned about the future of the female when I looked around me and saw behavior that caused me to feel such sadness it was overwhelming. Watching a television show where a life coach felt it necessary and she was quite right in her actions, to bring together the seventeen women of one man who collectively brought thirty-five children into the world, to find out why did they get involved with a man with not only other women, but so many children. Then have children with him. The shame, the miss placed anger, the lost souls. It is cause for worry, it is cause for concern, it’s my souls desire to know what is the future of the female.

When a young girls behavior on the playground is recorded and not corrected or redirected and this video becomes viral. (Those of you who shared it should take some time and reevaluate your morals and values). When television shows are created along the guise of social experimentation, about bad girls and their bad behavior and said behavior is still not corrected or dealt with or redirected to help, but is encouraged and as such leads to harmful choices.

I really don’t feel that girls or women have changed that much throughout history. If we take a close look at some of the greatest women through time they have been a bit loose and some actions a little on the shady side. This just takes us back to the lesson we need to teach, at least one of them it is not what you do it is how you do it. Lets help our young women get their shit together. These days it seems as though young women just don’t care who sees. Like the video on Facebook of the young woman giving fellatio on the train, I mean really?

I’m grateful for books like Straight talk no Chaser by Steve Harvey, because it does take a village to raise a child. But we are relying too much on the village and not doing what we should as parents to raise our children. It begins at home some may not want to hear this but its true get over it. When did being a lady go out of style? I am not at all old fashion, but there are some things that remain true. A girl was thought that there are things about a woman that should not be public knowledge. This has gone so far out the window that commercials zoom in on a woman’s crotch to show her vaginal itch problem. Should women feel violated? It is no wonder that I have herd young women stand in a room of mixed company and exclaim, “I have to pee!” My mother used to call that being ordinary, today they say basic. Get your shit together.

Do not get me wrong all young women are not this way by any means, but there is enough to be concerned. A concern we should all have is; not only are these young women our future mothers, they are our future teachers, nurses, businesspersons, or burdens to society.

Can we start at the beginning? Can we give more time to our babies? Can we remember children learn what they live! This begins with what our children are seeing. So, ask yourself, how am I living? How am I speaking? How am I speaking to my child? How do I allow my child to speak to me? How do I conduct myself in public? Listen, we can tell our children “don’t” till we are blue in the face. Now if we are living “do” for our children to see, this is the lesson she will learn.

Too many of our young women are idol. They have nothing to do when there is so much that can busy them. For example, the girl scouts. We just need to look it is out there. I know of a young woman who posted sign up sheets and posters in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and no one showed up. Do not say you cannot afford it just ask you would be surprised what is in place to assist you. There are after school programs. Let us not forget plain OLE parental time.

Being loud and abrasive, is not attractive, attacking people on the train is not cute. Cursing does not sound intelligent. Figure it out now what do you want to be, the success, as a woman of value, or the one left behind, the one passed around. The one the guys throw liquor on because they do not value you. Manners, good grammar and style will always take you further than rudeness poor speech and “rachet” behavior.

Girl power, search yourself find your strength, relish in it. Live it everyday. Be and show the world the power and strength that is you.

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