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The Melting Pot

From fashion to food, the shows we watch, the actors we love and the recording artist we admire. America began and is still th

Many ladies and some gents enjoy shopping at H&M. This is a Swedish retailer. Opened in 1947, Hennes women retailer opened in Vasteras, Sweden. In 2000, the first store opened on 5th Avenue in NYC. We enjoy the affordable and stylish brands available at this retailer. We can agree that our lifestyle is influenced by the overseas cultures. Most of the designers we live for as well are from abroad.

Okay, maybe it’s that you are eating Curry and Roti and listening to Shabba! Or is it Marc Anthony, or the Bollywood wave, watching Shahs of Sunset. I ask you are you influenced by the overseas swag? Most of the designers we live for as well are from abroad.

The next time you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art you may see the celebration of sorts on the influence of Japanese Art. How many times today did you use emojis? “China through the looking glass” will open May 2015, it examines the way Chinese culture has influenced the world of fashion, art and film especially in the West.

American fashion as well as music, was and still is influenced by British swag. Mod. Mods wore designer clothing, rode Vesper motor scooters and share an affinity for black American soul music. You loved Austin Powers, right? Then there are the rockers whose flavor are powerful motorcycles greased back hair and 1950s American rock and roll. The pendulum of influence does swing back and forth across the seas. Nevertheless, over the years and today the influence is at our shores.

In the 1950s and 1960s Australian rock stayed close to it’s American roots. Worldwide events played a major role in the fact of mainstream music. We see this with Ray Charles the Everly Brothers and others. Music became accusing of society and looked for peace. It was seen as avant-garde, but became a norm due to its popularity with the youth of that time.

American rock and roll started to decline, British music soon controlled the AM Radio and the record industry thus the British Invasion. British rock bands and pop artist found mainstream success worldwide the invasion seemed to have happened over night but it had been underway for years. The same movement can be seen with other types of music like reggae for example.

The Beatles opened the floodgate when they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. The Rolling Stones and The Kinks followed the Beatles among others and artists like David Bowie in the later years.

The influence of Reggae was what stood out most and had us fall hard for Culture club, and Boy George, some young people even started to dress like him. The 1990s brought us The Spice Girls a British pop girl group formed in 1994. They are citied as part of the second wave of the British invasion of the U.S.

More recently we have gotten Adele from the UK, One Direction, The Wanted and Amy Whinehouse. From Australia we got Iggie Azalea and others. From New Zealand Nico & Vinz.

The places we shop the restaurants where we eat everything we do even the shows we watch are influences of our brothers and sisters overseas. Food for thought, next time you complain about them foreigners. Yo quiero Toco Bell!

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