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Artist Spotlight: Mika Estrella

Co EIC of The Morgan Fatiah Rebbekkah

gets to know Mika Estralla a bit better

check out our interview with songstress and business woman

About Mika Estrella

On the road less traveled many people find out a lot about themselves; most importantly about their resolve, their ambition and ability to take chances. Recently relocating to sunny California, a move that ultimately would create bigger opportunity to reach her full potential R&B songstress Mika Estrella has thrown caution to the wind and has seized the moment. Readying her debut self-titled EP, the exotic soul has added to her well rounded resume by simply going for it all. When asked what she really wants most, the answer is simple- TO SING.

1. We at the Morgan Magazine identify with quotes, if you can choose one quote to define you what would it be? If u fall down get back up and push even harder .. It's not a quote but it's my favorite line to live by .

2. Tell us more about you? What is the day in the life of a songstress? My days are long , but I'm blessed so no complaints . outside of music and acting I own a Coffee shop "Granada Coffee" in South Pasadena with my husband . I'm also working on another small business .

3. When did your musical journey begin in life and why? Singing itself started at a young age but the journey began when I was 14 with my sister we had a little singing group and after that I was hooked ...

4. Where did you get the name Mika Estrellas? Mika Estrella is my actual name lol

5. What would you be doing if you were not singing? Starting small businesses and writing music for others . I will always somehow be involved in music .

6. If you can name one person who you look up to, or someone who influences you, who would you say (dead or alive, famous or not famous)? God !!! As far as an individual, I would have to say Kris Kardashian ...I truly admire her; that woman knows how to hustle !

7. What has been the most unreal moment in life that you will never forget? Thinking back I have lots on different levels but some I can't share lol . But one unreal moment was probably when I was in acting class and Derrin Dewitt Davis walked in . Seeing him, further confirmed for me that moving to California was the right move for my career.

8. If you can work with any artist of any genre who would they be? Name a top 3 and why? (dead or alive) J Cole cause he's dope, not to mention he is from my hometown Fayetteville / fayettnam. To me he gets it. It being that all the glitz and glamour doesn't matter at the end of the day. It's truly about the relationships you have and the quality that you offer . Past, it would have to Amy WhineHouse, Marvin Gaye . Oh yeah and add to my current list Erykah Badu , Drake , K Michelle , and Jasmine Sullivan. Now that I think about it, the list could go on and on.

9. So we are super noisy here at The Morgan, what is your love life like? HOT!!! we get it in lol

10. Let's get back to the music now, how do you do what you do? Like where do you mentally go to make music? Music comes to me whenever I try not to force it, ironically. Most of the time my environment or conversation hits a nerve and it makes me write

11. What has been your favorite project thus far? The EP I'm working on now. I have two producers I'm working with on this project and it's going to be amazing .

12. What is next for you, where is this life taking you? A new business, acting, new EP for 2016 and I have promised JB we are gonna shoot some visuals.

13. Is there anything you want to share with us here first! Yes the first song off of my new EP is "Ready To Die"..shhh I haven't even shared that with JB yet (giggles). It's dope! I want the Morgan Magazine to be the first to hear it. .

14. Is there any advice that you would like to give to any young people who look up to you and/or aiming to achieve or begin a career in music? Believe in what you do; live your truth . STAY FOCUSED on your goals (I can't stress this enough and don't conform to the hype at the end of the day it is not that serious 🏼️

Check out some music here:

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