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The Exhibition of Styling Fashion Week 2016

On Feb. 21, 2016, MarieDriven & Courtney J organized a fashion event that highlighted stylistsLadaska Mechelle, Erica Walcott, James Lamonte, Donovan Kelly, and Kidear Youmans. The talented group showcased their looks on models, spilled some of their fashion secrets, and discussed the major “do’s and don’ts” of the fashion industry. “Its time we exposed the secret sauce behind most talent,” says MarieDriven. “Stylists don’t have an easy job. Getting the perfect look for any client takes strategy and focus.” “Behind the scenes is truly where it all happens and that’s what we wanted to highlight throughout this event,” adds Courtney J. “MarieDriven and myself are two women who have worked and continue to work in the background. We are bringing some of the most influential people from behind the scenes to the forefront in a fun, tasteful, and interactive way.” The event was hosted by TV personality Josh McBride. DJ FugiSlim and DJ ClassAct kept the crowd jumping, while some of the patrons sipped on Exclusiv Vodka, and others, munched on Trendy Treatz NY.

Images provided by GreatestEntertainmentGroup


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