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Jahna Sebastian is Bridging the East and West Through her Music, Fashion and Creative Ideas

NEW YORK, NY - Feb. 25, 2016 -- London based singer/songwriter and producer Jahna Sebastian re releases the visuals for her smash record 'Desert'. 'Desert' was directed and edited by her frequent colloborator Kevin Hudson, whom she has collaborated with on seven other music videos ('The Edge of Love', 'One Day', 'Poison', 'One and a Million', 'I Am Free', 'Love Over Hate' and 'Us'). The song is from 'The Edge of Love EP' which first came out in 2013, it was later released on iTunes and everywhere else in 2014. It is a mixture of R&B and Indian, her take on where the West meets the East. Ms. Sebastian has always been a pioneer and is known for her innovative work. When asked what inspired her as she was writing the record Ms. Sebastian stated, "As a visionary, I often have the idea for the music video coming to me at the same time as I am writing and recording the song itself. I made the beat first which I started of with this synth pattern in the beginning that I created and then built on that. It is one of the beats, which I intentionally make in a way, that avoids traditional song structure, it has the unifying theme but doesn't have repeating parts, because I want it to be a free form journey, more like a story that is told through the sounds. I call it 'trip music' cause its like going on a trip without a map, it's unpredictable. I make pop songs and I make these kind of experimental music pieces, which all leave room to be continued. It comes also from my background playing classical music in the orchestra". The brunette beauty also stated, "I wrote the lyrics about a desperation that a woman can feel when heart broken, trying to break the chains binding her to a sad relationship. The emptiness she feels when trapped in it. The loneliness. I deliberately wrote it from a perspective of woman who doesn't necessarily have the ability to just walk away from the relationship and sing 'girl power', because there are issues that prevent her from doing it freely including her position in society. It's easy to think at first that she is weak, but out of that desperation later comes out the strong woman, the one that will overcome it and become better than ever. The video shows the perspective more prevalent in the East, where it is more about collective, than the individualism, therefore the devastation of being alone is very hard". Ms. Sebastian is dressed in traditional Indian garb to pay tribute and homage to her Indian roots. She has always been proud of her Indian background and heritage as her father taught her the culture and customs at a young age. When asked about her styling choice for the video she states, " I am wearing Indian garments in the video in the desert, as I am appreciating my father's culture, while also showing the perspective of the woman in the East on a relationship. It is about that mystery and femininity, that I wanted to show. It's not the 'girl power' after breakup, it's a true and honest feeling of need to belong to someone and that someone belonging to you. It is not about 'plenty of fish in the sea', it comes from a place, where people believe in reincarnation and karma, therefore having karmic relationships, which means karma has to be worked out through being with this particular person. Every relationship is believed to be there for a reason". While Ms. Sebastian was recording the record she was experimenting with her singing style and she had a brilliant idea to bring out her Indian vocal tone and mix it with a R&B style of singing. She was quoted as saying, " It might sound weird or unusual to some. It's the art of creating this fusion that is in progress of my work. I was building on my voice going back to the roots. I have some other songs in this style I created. My goal is to bridge the gap between the East and the West. I have those elements within me with my mixed cultural background being born in USSR growing up with my South Indian dad and Russian mom, living in London now and working around the world." Jahna Sebastian has always been ahead of her time and her music certainly reflects that. Her goal is not to just create exemplary music but to unite the world and make the world a better place through her gifts and talents as a singer, songwriter, producer and model as well as her humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. Ms. Sebastian recently celebrated Venus TV's 10th Anniversary at the Radisson Blu Hotel, modeling Asian (Indian/Pakistani) designs for the Tehxeeb London fashion show. (The jewelry was provided by Anisha Rawal, make up by Anika Patel and hair by Sabs Khan from Shetal KSAVI).

Ms. Sebastian is currently working on her new EP. "Desert" Music Video

To keep up with Jahna Sebastian check out her social networks below: Twitter: @JahnaSebastian Instagram: @JahnaSebastian

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