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Who is Hip Hop Artist Josh Jacob?

Who is Josh Jacobs? The Puerto Rican, East New York born and bred rapper, making waves in the industry has overcome a difficult upbringing, cultivated an appreciation of artists from each era of Hip-Hop spanning the golden era through the millennium, made peace with his demons, and possess a drive and hustle that is short of remarkable for someone his age. After an epiphany a few years ago, Josh decided to switch up his punchline and metaphor-centric style. Realizing he doesn’t live the street life, he prefers to put out music with captivating beats and insightful lyrics. “Don’t talk about it if you aren’t living it. I’m a White Puerto Rican from East New York. If I’m going to do this, why not do this being me. You know, tell people my story”, said Jacobs.

With an ear for quality production, it’s no surprise he lists Dr. Dre as his dream collaboration. With an ipod that has an extremely eclectic range of artists, it’s clear his style is influenced by the broad range of Pac to Florence and the machine. Stay tuned Josh Jacobs is up next!

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