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DJ SPADE chats w/ The Morgan

The Morgan Magazine: How did your marketing group specifically do to change the nightlife game?

DJ Spade: We combined our resources and clientele to be able to party and coordinate 7 nights a week. The challenge at first was to not do the same club every night, so we went really hard to build contacts and develop agreements. Ultimately the goal was to satisfy our clients who enjoy great atmosphere and top notch party experiences.

The Morgan Magazine: Do you think there is some sort of separation of foreign DJ's to American DJ's?

Yes there is, I can admit that. The good thing for us as American DJs is that we get the exclusives and the hits directly from the artists so the competition is in favor of us. Unfortunately, foreign DJs get the music weeks or months thereafter.

The Morgan Magazine: What motivated your transition from a promoter to a successful DJ?

I was always a lover of music. Back in my country, my uncle and his friends were huge influences as they themselves are DJs. So in essence I grew up around the craft and it always peaked my interest. Once I got into the nightlife scene, I knew the transition was gonna happen. It was all about building my following.

The Morgan Magazine: What do you think it is about you as a DJ that created this platform for you?

DJ Spade: My skillset and the fact that I bring a lot of excitement. I make sure the party goers have a good time, that's what club DJ-ing is about. I want to do my best for the audience, and I really believe that the people respect me for that.

The Morgan Magazine: You have performed with some of the hottest artist in the game, how did you get to this point?

DJ Spade: I built a good relationship with them before I started DJ-ing as a result of my promotional gigs. Having the rapport already made it easier to take the business into another realm. My success has helped as well.

The Morgan Magazine: When did you realize that you were a sought out DJ in the NYC nightlife scene?

DJ Spade: When my schedule began to fill up. It was a blessing. The more busier I got, the more I realized that my goals were being met. I have a residency at some of the top venues, and a lot of times I get offers from outside events which conflicts. Once that began to happen, I knew.

The Morgan Magazine: What has been some obstacles in your journey?

DJ Spade: Although the transition was easy in some ways, in others I felt the doubt from others about me becoming a DJ. I was looking for their respect, and they were reserved until I earned it entirely. I guess I can say I proved them wrong.

The Morgan Magazine: Do you have a particular genre of music that you gravitate to?

DJ Spade: Fortunately no. I am an open format DJ so I play all genres.

Ok we wanna know when your not DJ'ing what does Gayson do?

DJ Spade: I am pretty laid back when I am not in the DJ Booth. I go to the gym to keep myself together, I also play basketball with my boys, and hit other clubs to listen to my friends who are DJs.

The Morgan Magazine: What is next for you as you build this nightlife empire of yours? You have the marketing team, your a DJ clearly doing it, what is next?

DJ Spade: I'm working on my EDM album now. I know that will take everything to the next level. There are so many opportunities as a DJ the key is consistency, skill and thinking outside of the box.

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