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Where the music all started, What Up!

Are you a fan of the golden age of Hip-Hop? Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die and Capital Punishment were some of the best albums of the Era. They are also the key inspirations in Josh Jacobs’ new single “What up”. This is the third single off his mixtape I Know Now. The Song is a microcosm of a young child from New York who becomes enamored with Hip-Hop. “What up” exhibits a nostalgic combination of fascinating lyrics with stellar flow. Josh Jacobs is celebrating the birthplace of both him and the culture he loves. Fans can expect a thought provoking song full of pride and respect. Most notably, the song sparks a healthy dialog about forgotten Latino originators and legends.

“What up” will be release on today, June 10th 2016. It will also be available for download on iTunes. Team Josh Jacobs plans to release a video for the single later in the month. To receive an alert and learn more Josh Jacobs, visit and follow Josh @whoisJoshJacobs.


Here's the link:

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