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Retail Marketing?

Have you ever walked into somewhere and wondered why is it laid out this way? Or why do they do the things the way they do "up in here"

I tend to most of the time but normally understand and realize its either the aesthetic of the space or giving a visual to what may appease the buyers eyes and drive sales to their establishment.

The one designer that I am obsessed with the way they lay out their sales floor is the one and only King of "that gown" Tony Bowl. I was so lucky to work with him during a trade show as a stylist dressing two former Miss America competitors which was fun in itself but aside from that, just check out how gorg I got to set up this sales floor for buyers:

Not only is it beautifully lite, but the way its colored coordinated its easy for the buyer not only to find the color they are looking for but that get the full affect of the buy while its on the rack, it just pushes you to want to try it on and with those amazing girls on display it makes you just feel like you can look just as good and as confident as them. The way it is decorated just gives the ambiance of class it welcomes you in and says take your time. I love it!

#tonybowl #retailmarketing #storelayout

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