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S|S 17' Cabin by Stevie Boi

While everyone is showing off their second row seats at NYFW on Instagram I was standing inches away from models at the Stevie Boi NYFW Summer 17 presentation. Eyeing the collection, I sadly had to remind myself that the high fashion calendar is months ahead of the one we consumers go by. But honestly I could care less about being caught wearing sunglasses in the midst of a blizzard. It's never too cold to throw shade; especially if Stevie Boi designs and constructs them.

When watching a designer’s presentation, I am constantly placing myself in my reader’s thoughts. Example being Can I mix match the clothes or accessories with other brands, other styles and other colors? Is there a wow factor; something that will make a person do a double take when passing me? Can an individual wear thee designers clothing to work at 9AM then to an art show at 7PM? Good thing Stevie’s clothing graces you to do all 3; to mix as you please, gives you that wow factor our need for attention ask for and that multi-purpose look that us busy bees need.

Along with thinking these thoughts I could not help but notice his use of shapes, oversizing for effect and even the peculiar model selection. From my perspective It looked as if Stevie Boi was building on top of his models; almost like Legos in a child’s hands. I mention this observation for a reason, stay with me readers. Stevie Boi’s mom took the time out to have a conversation with me after the presentation. Let's just say I know where Stevie Boi gets his phenomenal social skills from. His mom was nothing short of a joy to speak to. We spoke of an array of things but what stuck out to me was when she mentioned Stevie wanted to be an architect when he was younger. In her words “I would come home and Stevie would be creating things from scratch”. There it was! Stevie didn’t just showcase his cabin collection he also showcased a childhood love of architecture. This makes his clothing all the more personal which I love. Every time you walk out your front door with an item of Stevie Boi you are also walking out wearing a piece of him.

photo credit Dennis L. Brooks & Jace Yzaguirre

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