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It's been a while readers. I’ve missed you dearly. Miss Morgan has me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I mean she will not stop until you guy and gals are up to date on the hottest events taking place around the world. I made my way to the Legendary Paperbox in Williamsburg Brooklyn for an Haitian delight. Through the night I felt the sounds of soul, rhythm and talent. Emphasis on talent which I find very rare to find in this current musical climate. Three performers took my breath away. The first being Rebecca Zama, Boston native. At only 18 has me swooped off my feet with her soft sultry voice. The genre of music can be considered a mix Kompa music a sound that derived from Haiti with an American twist. Rebecca will have you in your feelings one minute and jammin the next. Stay tuned to what this 18 year old has in store. Next is Phyllissia Ross who performed alongside the IET Band. As a unit they created a feeling of romance through the whole night.I fell in love with the live instruments being played and the feminine voice of Phyllissia. Sidebar,the singer Phyllissia also released a lipstick line called Daf,Daf so look out for that.

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