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Singer Danielle DI drops music video for “Wife Yuh”

Singer Danielle DI is currently our new obesseion check out this video and catch up to how we are feeling.

Personally speaking as a girl who is of South American decent having a mother who is Guyanese and a Brazillian dad this is a tune okay.

Sexy is an understatement to describe it all. I love everything from the lyrics to the rhythm of the song. It is always refreshing to here reggae music it is even more refreshing to heat music that isnt only good but displays true talent. I do not know what rock I have been under but I am out and aware of it all. You have gained a new fan Miss Danielle. Spotify here I come I need to add a few tunes to my playlist beginning with "Wife Yuh"

Press play turn it about and get into it.

Read Below for further details on this gem:

New York, NY -- The dancehall artist is releasing a music video for her hit “Wife Yuh,” an erotic proclamation of love and lust. Danielle DI creates a sensual atmosphere with titillating tunes enhanced by suggestive lyrics and has a reputation for delivering tracks with some serious flavor. The Jamaican diva shows off her model bod in the visual accompaniment to her most controversial song to date. Now available on….

The sexy single is a perfect pick for telling a more vivid story to match the emotional ode “Wife Yuh.” Danielle DI is not afraid to unleash her inner goddess and bare all, and the emotion is raw and real as ever. The video comes out on the heels of several empowering anthems, including “Addicktion” and “Boss Bitch,” among others. She is all about embracing the female form and flaunting an independent attitude and making the most out of every day.

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