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My Fave Fall Trends

Okay, let's be clear I would always advise for one to not be to trendy, and avoid filling your closet up with trendy pieces because it will fade and you will be stressed trying to replenish your closet. BUT I can not ignore some of these trends this season, and you can alway shop smart to keep these trends rolling on for your wardrobe.

Many are a must and must add to your wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with a little this and a bit of that.

Numero Uno

Oversized Bags

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Nothing is better to me than a nice big yummy bag. Oh the ways I can use a big bag. Let's be honest many of us suffer for the look of it all, using such a tiny clutch or bag because it is whats in and its cute. But think of it those days when you need to carry your life literally with you, no worries now because darling those Fall collections delivered these puppies earlier this year, on it is so on trend. Tons of large and in charge bags to choose from, while looking stylish and standing out for all the right reasons. Nothing like a statement piece in your hand.

I am fully obsessed with this trend. In my eyes it has never left so I am glad the Fashion Gods have declared this one a check plus.

Everyone from Celine to Balenciaga has an oversized handbag in their fall collections, do not fret and say Fatiah I do not have Celine coins my love because you know in true stylist fashion I got you a few other places to shop this lovely trend of ours.

First stop on my affordable journey for my fashion lovers on a budget is Nordstrom:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Leather Tote $248

The bag is a classic cut and color so even when the trend fades you still have a dope bag. Michael is known to be a classic designer. So you can safely shop this trend. Oh I almost forgot its on sale currently 40% off so it's even less than the amount I posted. Thank me later.

For those of you who can splurge on an accessory, is such a lovely place to choose from my favorite is:

Fendi Brown Runaway Shopper


A moment to take in the beauty of this bag and its glory. Not only is everyone all over Fendi, but Fendi is one of those things that will forever be a thing. So splurge get the bag you won't regret it.

Cluelessly Plaid


My next favorite trend for this fall, is this obsession of plaid with a splash of Clueless taste. Who does not love Clueless, if you just said no leave now. Just kidding you can stay but the site of this trend will make you google the movie and watch it, to catch the vibe of Cher and her amazing style.

Versace Tommy Hilfiger

Unleash your inner Cher with this cool Set from Top Shop

Yellow Check Denim Jacket $85

it also comes in pink

Yellow Check Denim Skirt $65


My last favorite trend for the Fall season BLANKET COATS!!!!

Yes blanket coats, talk about fashionably comfortable, talk about hobo chic for the runway. All in all I love it.

Jill Sander Fall 2018


Ivory Blanket Belted Coat


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