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Wow Flying Solo

It’s an unfamiliar feeling to me, to walk into a show and feel as if you have stepped into another universe. From the dimmed lights, to the intergalactic back drop to the red,purple-ish, pink lighting you just knew you were getting ready to go on a journey.

The music was loud & bold it definitely set the tone for the whole show. The models walked out in pairs of two in similar garments and hairstyles.

If I could give constructive feedback it would be on the makeup and hair. I wish the makeup and hair were more cohesive with the clothing. The makeup entailed a silver horizontal paint brush like line across the face from cheek passing over the nose on to the next cheek. The hair was slicked back with Bobby pens. I feel like Flying Solo was going for a space, alien high fashion look but the clothes were sharp and on trend and very clean constructed looks.

The clothes were very diverse, well put together and the styling was on point!

Flying solo definitely needed to cut down on the designers they utilized. Quality of quantity. They had an overwhelming amount of looks that I’m sure people either missed , or saw an item or items they liked for a brief second that they don’t remember including myself due to the speed of the models walks, the amount of pieces that were on models and the fact that they had to take in two different models at once.

On a more positive note, I love the forward thinking. We are living in a time where people are becoming more comfortable confronting and challenging gender norms. I absolutely loved the fact that flying solo placed items that can be deemed as female clothing on to male models. Way to create visibility for non- binary, gender non- conforming people, people of trans experience and queer people. All in all I definitely would shop flying solo. So many great looks and pieces to choose from. Thank you for the invitation and The Morgan team can’t wait to see what the flying solo team has in store for the following season!

#flyingsolo #NYFW2018 #jojoknicks #ss19

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