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I’m problematic as fuck! Pink is the new black! And Stevie Boi is simply that Bitch! Stevie Boi released his collection Pink and I am here for it and you should be too! The Morgan sends me to all these high profile designer shows and I’ve become accustomed to a particular model astatic. Male models 6 ft to 6’1 thin frame. Female models 5’8 to 6’0 thin framed. Mostly European, African , Asian basically natives from other continents who have a look that Americans deem exotic or unusual or I should say the high fashion look.

The models also tend to have similar walks. I say all that to say when Stevie Bois Models came down the runway I had a look of confusion. These models were of various heights, sizes, walk styles , professionals to newbies (in my opinion). But I also found myself looking at how fabulous, on trend and how ahead of his time Stevie Boi is. All I kept saying to myself is if he had just chose different models. But I asked myself “ why should he have chosen different models “? The more I kept questioning and answering myself I realized that I allowed the industry standards of Beauty to cloud my judgment when it came to the individual beauty that the world outside of high fashion delivers on a daily. We also forget that as the consumer we are the ones that keep these designers in business so why shouldn’t our build be celebrated for the world to see. Not only did Stevie Boi make a statement but the statement did not distract from the clothing. Every look was giving me life and feeding my alter egos. One look had me feeling like banji cunt from the block. The next look had me feeling "Rich Bitch" vibes, the type of Rich Bitch that doesn’t know the meaning of rent because they only own property. He was also serving some hippie bohemian vibes that I was really feeling. Normally when people do a bohemian style it’s kinda earthy colors and materials but he produced a futuristic spin which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Like I said in my last write up of Stevie Boi he is truly a one stop shop. There is truly a piece for any age and any individual. Stevie Boi you are a architect, a designer, a visionary, a stylist and most importantly an awaken individual who is going to change high fashion standards of beauty.

Readers I love you & stay trendy!

#stevieboi #NYFW2018 #PINK #JojoKnicks

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